God has a purpose for each of us and knowing that purpose means allowing him to show us the way instead of living by our own will. Once I allowed God to show me how much better my life could be, I was able to meet the man of my dreams.

I was traveling down the wrong road after a divorce and had many unsuccessful relationships when I decided to turn my problems over to God. I started attending church again and one day said a prayer, asking God to show me the way to happiness and that I wanted him to show me the right person for me to be with.

Within one month he answered my prayer and I was introduced to the man of my dreams. My marriage is a wonderful blessing in my life. I never imagined that by allowing God to have control, my prayers would be answered better than I had ever imagined. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is critical for a successful marriage.

One of the mothers of a bride I worked with on a wedding invited me to come to a wonderful home bible study group. It has taken the love and understanding I have of Jesus and our Father to a new level. I will always be thankful to my friend Mary Anconetoni for this gift of fellowship and knowledge of God's word.

If you would like to do something like this far yourself, I encourage you to join a bible study group. Friendship Bible Coffee's is part of Stonecroft Ministries and is a wonderful way to get involved with a small group who would also like to learn God's word. The studies teach you what the bible says about Jesus and the father. 

I am so thankful for the blessings I have received and for each bride or client that the lord leads to me.

Your eternal friend in Christ,

Kimberly Nelson

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